Pace Weights - ½ lb Magnetic Fine-Tuning Weights
Paced Weight Training, Strength Training, Body Shaping

Try “Pacing” Your Weight Increments With Pace® Weights

½ lb Magnetic Fine-Tuning WeightsPace Weights are special magnetic fine-tuning weights for quickly and easily adding weight to metal barbells, dumbbells, and weight machines in combinations of one-half pound increments, magnetically attached. Pace Weights are not just fractional add-on weights. Pace Weights are “The ‘Pacing’ Weights”™.

Pace Weights areThe Keys to Paced Weight Training”™, the most exciting advance in strength training and body shaping since the invention of barbells. With the ease and convenience of magnetic attachment, half-pound Pace Weights let you add weight training resistance without lowering repetitions.

Pace Weights let you pace your weight increments.Pace Weights let you “pace” your weight increments, if you choose, to match the fastest rate at which your muscles can grow, so you can build your muscles faster and achieve your development goals sooner. Using Pace Weights, you control the size of your weight increments and how often to add them, and Pace Weights work with different types of metal weight training equipment, so you can use the technique for all your weight training exercises.

Pace Weights have been scientifically proven to substantially improve weight training satisfaction for both men and women and eliminate the frustration of trying to build up repetitions between weight increments. (Ohio University study using Pace Weights, 1997-1998)

Pace Weights can significantly reduce your workout time.Pace Weights can keep you motivated by eliminating sticking points and letting you experience strength gains on a frequent and regular basis. Pace Weights can actually keep you excited about working out.

Pace Weights can significantly reduce your workout time by letting you perform fewer heavy sets to get the results you want, so you can work out smarter, not harder, and have more free time for other activities. With Pace Weights, you no longer need to be a fanatic to get the strength training and body shaping results you want.

Pace Weights are sold in complete sets of 9 or 18 one-half pound weights and can be purchased with or without a convenient carrying case. You can purchase Pace Weights by credit card on this Web site. Not to be sold in stores.

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