Pace Weights -  lb Magnetic Fine-Tuning Weights
9 piece weight set can be used with barbells, dumbbells, weight machines.

9 Piece Pace Weight Set (4.5 Pounds) Without Case9 Piece Pace Weight Set (4.5 Pounds) Without Case

Pace Weights have very strong magnetic strength.If you do not need a carrying case (See Why Buy A Carrying Case), you can purchase a set of 9 Pace Weights stacked together in a sturdy box. This also provides an economical way to purchase multiple sets. Many of our customers have purchased additional boxed sets after purchasing the first (probably for use with weight machines or 5-pound increment dumbbells). If you think you might need more than one, you can save on shipping and handling by ordering them together.

The 9 Pace Weights provide up to 4.5 pounds of fine-tuning resistance in any combination of half-pound increments. When using a pin-selection weight machine, simply stack the number of Pace Weights you need on the metal guide plate of the machine, limiting each stack to a depth of 3 or 4 Pace Weights. When using barbells, dumbbells, or free weight machines, simply place individual Pace Weights on the metal weights or weight plates as needed.

Because of their strong magnetic strength, it is easiest to first separate the stack of 9 Pace Weights into separate stacks, and then separate individual Pace Weights as needed.

All Pace Weight products come with a warranty on materials and workmanship.

$41.95 plus shipping and handling