Pace Weights -  lb Magnetic Fine-Tuning Weights
9 piece weight set can be used with conventional metal free weights.

9 Piece Pace Weight Set (4.5 Pounds) With Case9 Piece Pace Weight Set (4.5 Pounds) With Case

Weight Set can be used with barbells and dumbbells. The 9 piece Pace Weight set is ideal for use with conventional metal free weights. The 9 Pace Weights increase the utility of 5-pound increment barbells by ten times and standard 2.5-pound increment dumbbells by five times, letting you quickly and easily fine-tune your exercise resistance in any combination of half-pound increments. If you also use 5-pound increment dumbbells or 10-pound increment weight machines, you might want to consider the 18 piece Pace Weight set.

The 9 Pace Weights are arranged in the case individually, so when you’re using barbells, dumbbells, or free weight machines, you can easily pick up the number of Pace Weights you need for an exercise and place them on the metal weights or weight plates. When using a pin-selection weight machine, simply stack the Pace Weights on the metal guide plate of the machine, limiting the depth of each stack to 3 or 4 Pace Weights.

4.5 lb Weight Set and Carrying CaseThe sturdy, impact resistant carrying case has a custom molded foam interior that keeps the Pace Weights organized and protects them from sharp impact when not in use. It also provides a convenient way to carry the Pace Weights to and from the gym. Case is available in black only. All Pace Weight products come with a warranty on materials and workmanship.

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